Uncoated Cloth Tapes
Uncoated Cloth Tapes
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Uncoated Cloth Tapes

Tenacious Tapes stocks the largest range of cloth tapes of any company in the Australian market. The range includes such products as: untreated rayon strapping tapes, economy one-pass PCL grades, matt and gloss bookbinding grades, specialist gaffer and Chromakey cloths, military and OEM grades, thermosetting outdoor grades to glass insulation cloths.


Rayon Cloth Tape White

AT121 - Rayon Cloth Tape WhiteRayon White Bleached. Sports Strap & Multipurpose. Protection & Masking, Packaging & Strapping


Fibreglass Cloth Acrylic Tape

CT921 - Fibreglass Cloth Acrylic TapeFibreglass Cloth - Class F Electrical. 2500 volts, Thermoset. Transformer Insulation. Electrical


Acetate Cloth Tape

P801 - Acetate Cloth TapeAcetate Cloth - Black - Electrical. Electrical Insulation. Electrical


Rayon Cloth Tape

S1410 - Rayon Cloth TapeRayon Cloth Multipurpose. Looming, Protection, Sports Equipment eg. Hockey. Protection & Masking, Packaging & Strapping