Scrim Based
Scrim Based
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Scrim Based

Akin to transfer tapes they have a very open scrim that just gives the adhesive some dimensional stability so it does not stretch during application or lamination. The main benefit of scrims is that they wet out very easily but few, except for our H666, are hand-tearable. They are excellent for the application of skirting boards, trip and profiles.


DS PET Scrim Rubber

H666 - DS PET Scrim RubberVery High Tack - Hand Tearable. Weather Strips, Gaskets, Bonding Cloth to MDF. Printing, Display & Graphics, DS Joining, Splicing & Laminating


DS Acrylic Scrim

S1338 - DS Acrylic ScrimPure Acrylic - Blue PET. Attaching Skirting Boards & Decorative Moulds. Construction & Thermal Insulation, DS Joining, Splicing & Laminating


DS Glass Scrim

S1489 - DS Glass ScrimRubber Synthetic - Glass Scrim. Bonding Low Energy Plastic and Rubber Profiles. DS Joining, Splicing & Laminating