These rubber rollers are ideal for applying pressure to the tape to ensure one achieves full wet-out. It should be remembered that all Tenacious Tapes products are "pressure sensitive" in that a bond cannot be formed without the adhesive being forced into contact with the underlying substrate. Their use is highly recommended for any critical application or where the installer is required to repeatedly apply a tape. Available in a variety of widths, always use the narrowest that affords complete coverage of the bonding surface to ensure maximise downwards force is applied.


Hand Pressure Roller 100mm

XL100 - Hand Pressure Roller 100mmHand Pressure Roller. For Application By Hand


Hand Pressure Roller 150mm

XL150 - Hand Pressure Roller 150mmHand Pressure Roller. For Application By Hand


Hand Pressure Roller 50mm

XL50 - Hand Pressure Roller 50mmHand Pressure Roller. For Application By Hand