Preparation Discs/Pads
Preparation Discs/Pads
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Preparation Discs/Pads

These are designed to either remove heavy contamination such as rust, oxides or hardened surface contaminants or etch highly polished surfaces to make them more receptive to bonding by increasing the surface area to form the bond.


Abrasive Disc

Abrasive Discs 75mm Maroon Quick Lock


Rubber Backing Plate

Rubber Backing Plate For X950 75mm


Adapter Angle Grinder 2mm

Adaptor for Angle Grinder 2mm for X960


Adapter Angle Grinder 1.5mm

Adaptor for Angle Grinder 1.5mm for X960


Cleaning Pads

X990 - Cleaning PadsCleaning Pads - Scouring - Maroon - for Surface Preparation to Improve Bonding