Polyethylene Film
Polyethylene Film
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Polyethylene Film

Polythene is commonly used as a protective film on a wide range of flat substrates from painted metal to plastics, glass and even floors, be they carpeted, wood or vinyl. The gauge and adhesion will depend on the nature of the surface and the environmental conditions it will be exposed to. Generally speaking the narrower the width the higher the adhesion and probable gauge of the tape. With high coat weights they can be used for joining and repair be that for use with heat shrink, outdoor repair, pipe wrapping and protection. Tenacious Tapes also offer HDPE woven polythene cloth products that makes them hand-tearable and they are recyclable. These have a wide range of applications for joining, splicing, holding and repair.


PE Protective Tape Black

AT6102 - PE Protective Tape BlackSurface Protection - UV Resistant. Window Frames, Shopfitting & Construction. Protection & Masking


PE Repair Clear

SI130 - PE Repair ClearClear High Tack 'All Weather' 150uM. Heavy Duty Protection eg. Plastic Components. Carpets, General Purpose Repair & Joining. Protection & Masking


PE Clear Protect Tape

SI32 - PE Clear Protect TapeClear Low/Medium Tack 50uM. Surface Protection Plastics/Painted Steel/Glass. Particularly for Roll Forming of Colourbond. Protection & Masking


PE Protective Tape Translucent Blue

SI34 - PE Protective Tape Translucent BlueTranslucent/Blue Medium Tack 100uM. Surface Protection Plastics & Painted Finishes. Protection & Masking


PE Protective Tape

SI36 - PE Protective Tape Translucent/Orange High Tack 50uM. Mask N Peel Applications, Protection of Textured. Finishes, Benchtops, Furniture & Signs. Protection & Masking


Carpet Protect Reverse Wound

SI40 - Carpet Protect Reverse WoundCarpet Protection 80uM Clear. Temporary Protect for Furniture Removalists. Protection & Masking


PE Protective Tape Black White

SI93 - PE Protective Tape Black WhiteWhite/Black Low/Medium Tack 100uM. Co-Extruded Surface Protection for Stainless. Steel & Other Highly Polished/Outdoor Finishes. Protection & Masking