Cloth Based
Cloth Based
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Cloth Based

These can vary from very open cloths, which are little different to scrims, to cloth backings that are tightly woven. The tighter the weave the better suited a cloth will be for temporary applications such as laying exhibition floor coverings. Widely used in the flooring industry where a high mass weight of adhesive is required, Tenacious Tapes has a wide range of options available to meet differing application requirements be they short-term or permanent. Most cloths are easily hand-torn and, as they have a high mass weight of adhesive coated on them are particularly suited to rough or more complex surfaces.


DS Exhibition Grade Cloth

K330 - DS Exhibition Grade ClothExhibition Approved - Premium. Clean Remove, Contractor Grade & Advertising


DS Premium Cloth

K5300 - DS Premium ClothPremium - Close Weave. Corflute/Corex mounting, Signage & Display. Printing, Display & Graphics, DS Joining, Splicing & Laminating


DS Heavy Duty Cloth

K5325 - DS Heavy Duty ClothHeavy Duty - Japanese - General Purpose. Joining PE, Signage/Display, TV/Film Studios. For Bonding to Rough/Textured Surfaces. Printing, Display & Graphics, Flooring, Exhibition & Staging, DS Joining, Splicing & Laminating


PE Cloth Sealing

KD310 - PE Cloth SealingPremium Resin Cloth Acrylic. Extreme Tack, Recyclable Easy Tear UV Resist. Printing, Display & Graphics, Construction & Thermal Insulation, DS Joining, Splicing & Laminating


DS Cloth Exhibition

S1362 - DS Cloth ExhibitionExhibition & General Use - Higher Tack. Temporary Flooring & General Purpose. Flooring, Exhibition & Staging, DS Joining, Splicing & Laminating


DS Cloth Economy

S1435 - DS Cloth EconomyEconomy - Open Weave. Economy Carpet Tape, Low Temp. Splicing/Holding. Flooring, Exhibition & Staging, DS Joining, Splicing & Laminating


DS Cloth Translucent

DS Cloth Translucent