Cleaners And Wipers
Cleaners And Wipers
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Cleaners And Wipers

These are used to either prepare and clean a surface prior to a bond being formed and remove any contamination that may compromise the quality of the bond or remove any adhesive residue from a surface after the tape is removed. Available in spray form as Iso-Propyl Alcohol or, a more potent, hydrocarbon cleaner.


Surface Cleaning Wipes

CLEAN/1K   - Surface Cleaning WipesSurface Cleaning Wipes - Isopropanol Wipes. For Preparing Surfaces Prior to Bonding. Removes Grease and Other Surface Contaminants


IPA Surface Prepare Spray

X250 - IPA Surface Prepare SpraySurface Prepare IPA


Surface Cleaner

X400 - Surface CleanerSurface Cleaner & Adhesive Residue Remover. Liquid Hydrocarbon Based Solvent


Surface Cleaner Spray

X440 - Surface Cleaner SprayAs for X400 But in Spray Can


X Range Starter Kit

Surface Preparation & Tape Application Starter Kit. Contains 1 Each X250, X440, X550, XL50, X990 (2 Pads). 10 IPA Sachets, 1 Lint Free Rag